Welcome To MCA Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

MCA Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a Consulting, Analytics and Technology company, is promoted by a group of Professional Accountants, with over two hundred man years of collective professional standing, having offices in India and abroad.

MCA Technology Solutions helps integrate analytics and technology with business. With its roots in a ‘data driven’ profession, the company believes in going beyond its services in adding value to the client’s business and help find answers to business questions -

Prescriptive Analytics

Optimization techniques help in finding the right mix of product proportions or prices or other decision variables in order to meet an objective such as maximize the revenue or minimize the cost within a set of constraints such as supply, demand or other financial constraints.

Predictive Analytics

By examining historical sales transactions and customer interactions along with contextual information, such as current purchase activity across distribution channels, organizations can model predictive patterns that support targeted marketing and strategic operational engagement systems.